Do we have to be NRL standard athletes to enter a team?

No. This event is about fun. We are hoping everybody will grade their team according to the previous experience and ability of their players. The team from New Image Personal Conditioning can assist you in ensuring that your team is fit and prepared for the day.

Do we need a uniform?

Yes, even if it is just the same coloured shirt. We encourage teams to come up with the most creative team uniforms, as long as they remain in good taste. This is a great opportunity to get your staff working as a team on items such as your uniform. We have attached an order form from the team at Elite Sports to help you with this process if required.

I know a star player who doesn’t work with our company. Can they play with us?

Absolutely. We would encourage teams to use their own staff where possible, but you are welcome to recruit players where required.

We can’t agree on a nominated charity to play for. What should we do?

That’s fine. Life Education Australia is a great cause and Life Ed would be delighted to have your support.

Can we have a number of sponsors for our team?

Yes. Your team name must incorporate a sponsor name eg. The Gremmo Homes Goannas.

Will we be playing for Sheep Stations?

No. This event is about fun. We encourage teams to take their matches seriously and play to win, but teams who aren’t prepared to play in the spirit of what the carnival is about will be kindly asked to leave.

We would like to enter a men’s team. How can we go about doing this?

You can’t. All teams must be mixed.

We have never done anything like this before. It all seems too daunting.

We will help you. This is your opportunity to do something different that is healthy, beneficial and fun. You can make it happen!

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